• I haven’t ventured outside in about 5 days now.
  • Well, I’m glad to see that ‘change’ we were promised… too bad it such shitty change.
  • I wonder how the President feels about this ‘downgrading of the US’. I have to wonder if this is a victory in his mind (to bring the US down more to the level of other countries).
  • I got some more work down at the rent house. I used a paint sprayer/auto roller. Too much trouble (cleanup). I’ll just stick to the old fashioned roller.
  • I saw the biggest jack rabbit last night while driving home. It was bigger than our biggest cat.
  • Our biggest cat is BIG.
  • A huge stretch of highway was burnt black (coming into Decatur). It must have been a pretty big fire.
  • I wonder what happened to the Casa Torres expansion. It seems such a shame that they demolished that house and THEN people objected to them expanding the restaurant.
  • I went to the Mattel outlet this weekend (in Fort Worth)…
  • “Hi, I’m spock and I feeeeel beautifullllll!”
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