Thursday Thoughts

  • What imaginary world does the President live in?
  • His administration and his croonies are blaming the tea party for the financial crisis…
  • If he had no power to stop the evil foces that ruined the economy than that means the President has no real power to effect anything and we can’t blame the President for the things that happen during their office?
  • I guess that means Bush wasn’t at fault for all the shit that happened while he was in office.
  • I guess that means Clinton wasn’t responsible for the decent economy we saw in the 90s’.
  • Get your stories straight you TWO FACED FOOLS.
  • Get the hell out there and tell the truth for once. Honesty is the best policy.
  • The head of the Federal Reserve stated that he felt ‘absoutley no responsibility’ in the current economic crisis… really? Really?
  • On to more important things… Duran Duran is coming back to Texas in October!!!!! Woohooo!
The wall in the cafeteria in the old hospital. I can just see some corporate goon saying: ‘you know, we need to go ahead and paint over that now’.
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