Monday Thoughts

  • People who are vegetarian (and who don’t need to be) are pompous.
  • I saw the movie Paul. I love Nick Frost and Simon Peg. I CANNOT STAND Seth Rogan. Every time he opens his mouth it’s about pot. Pot, pot, pot. Simon and Nick, leave the writing to your buddy Edgar.
  • I loved Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. If you can get ahold if it watch Spaced, it’s a British comedy staring them (and written by Edgar Wright).
  • I have emptied 12, (count them!) 12 tubes of caulking on the house so far (in preparation for painting). I think I still have about 4 or more to go. Sheesh.
  • Ford has 5,000 cash back on 2011 Rangers going on right now… I’m tempted…
  • I saw Captain America this weekend at Fossil Creek… that place is a beating. Movies now a days is a beating. Do you realize that you sit though like 30 minutes of commercials before the movie actually starts?
  • BTW it was a pretty good movie. I have to see Thor before The Avengers comes out.
  • There will never be an Avengers West Coast movie. Captain America and The Human Torch (from Fantastic 4) is the same actor. I guess Johnny could just be in ‘flame out’ mode all the time so you can’t see who he is.
  • From the preview pics of The Hulk for The Avengers it’s not Edward Norton playing Bruce Banner… everything was going so well…
  • The movie people finally got it right. They made a movie (The Avengers) which guarantees that people went to see the previous setup movies (Thor, Iron Man, etc).
  • The previews of Spider Man look… not so great. Emo Spiderman. Why are they rebooting this series so soon?
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