Monday Thoughts

  • Why are the left so afraid of the ‘Tea Party’? Maxine waters said they can ‘go to hell’ and the Vice President said they were terrorist… What’s WRONG with wanting a just and financially stable nation?
  • I am worried that one of the ‘unelectibles’ will be put in the race as the Republican candidate. Please no Sarah Palin. She might have some good ideas, but she is too much of a lightening rod.
  • If Obama is elected again I think I am moving to Japan…
  • Serious.
  • On to other things… went to Target this weekend. The garden stuff is on clearance and I got a bunch of those walkway solar lights. I have been eyeing those things for a long time now.
  • I am slowly painting the house… slowly.
  • Still working on my mom’s rental in Joshua. This is going to take a while…
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