Friday Thoughts

  • If Obama is elected again then America is truly dead.
  • So, Pelosi says that Newt will NEVER be president because ‘she knows something’…
  • Really?! So that means that she really and truly doesn’t give a shit about America since a real American would bring that up right away so any truly unsuitable candidates would not be put forward in a contest for President. She only cares about her party. I hope she burns in HELL for such unloyalty to her county.
  • I sometimes wonder what my life would be like without the internet… I might have to actually work.
  • After 2 days of rain my property is like a swamp… literally. At least 4 inches.
  • Tonight I am doing some more editing of a SOPA opinion Vlog that Chris and I shot. I hope it doesn’t turn out as boring as it looks like it’s going to be.
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