Friday Thoughts

  • I am listening to the book: The Secret Symbol by Dan Brown. It very cool to hear about Washington and how steeped in history and mystery it is. This is a cool 3d rendering of the capitol.
  • It’s a pitty something so sacredly held by our nation is the home of spineless individuals.
  • My coworker and I are currently on an a-ha kick with The Living Daylights.
  • Now that I had a somewhat first hand dealing with the NFL and their ‘copyright’ to the word Super Bowl… all the advertising for ‘The Big Game’ sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Read my story here…
  • I’d say that probably 25% of downtown Decatur is vacant. This is saying something because downtown Decatur is a VERY busy place. No one can keep their small boutiques (or whatever) open in this economy.
  • I tried the new(ish) Panada Buffett where the former Home Cookin’ and former Fat Daddies bar, as well as the former Rockin R bar is located. Opinion… meh.
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