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  • There is this story about 10,000 Chinese student performing kungfu all at the same time as one of China’s programs to ‘Cultural Heritrage’. If people display cultural heritage of the United States they are labeled racist or right wing nuts.
  • So, the so called president, in an election year move decides that his one chance (the Hispanic vote) to win might vote for him if he once again raped the Constitution. He has basically gone around Congress (again) and decided to let illegals stay in the country. This unilateral making of his own laws IS A HUGE RED FLAG. This guy is acting like a dictator. You don’t go around our lawmakers… that’s not the way America works. This is how you destroy a government… which is what I honestly believe this guy wants to do. Honestly, I do. I think he has contempt for the US and will do everything in his power to deconstruct this Republic.
  • Oh did I mention he said it had ‘nothing’ to do with the election. I will eat shit and die if it didn’t.
  • I have been watching an old VHS of a PBS show I recorded years ago. During the earlier days of ‘reality television’ BBC did some short series where people live like those who lived long ago. This one is called Surviving the Iron Age. It’s funny because since it was during those early days it’s not so over produced and phony like shows today. The wheels come off right away and it turns into one disaster after another showing us that we are wayyyyyy to pampered by our modern living. lol.
“Hi, thanks to Obama everyone will be living like primitives soon… that’s his plan.”
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