Tuesday Thoughts

  • After a long drawn out investigation Sheriff Joe says Obama’s birth certificate is absolutely fake. This makes no matter since the American people are so apathetic. This country is ripe for overthrowing.
  • Perhaps if he is elected again the US government will collapse and be rebuilt.
  • This seems better and quicker than a 100 years of bickering lawmakers and insane taxes.
  • If we should have let GMC and other companies fail perhaps we should just let the US government collapse… why keep something alive that no longer works?
  • I doubt that the collapse of the federal government will affect states all that much.
  • Why don’t cars now have their acceleration and breaking on the steering wheel? We have a couple of generations of kids who learned how to drive with their hands (via video games).
  • It would probably drastically cut down on accidents due to texting and cel phones.
  • Grasshoppers are killing everything green in my yard.
  • The whole Batman killing thing will be just another excuse used by the government to regulate when what needs to happen is people need to be better parents.
  • So the post office is going to default on August 1st unless congress acts (and apparently they aren’t). Welcome to the future of your health care~!

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