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  • Need I say more? Well, after this comment the DNC didn’t distance themselves, they just started lying about it. They keep saying that he was talking ‘in refrence’ to the RNC telling people that government needs to ‘unshackle’ business. If you think about this and exactly what Biden says you know this is just a cover. Biden says the Republicans want to ‘put you back in chains’. How is this in reference to the Republicans wanting to ‘unshackle’ business? Total BS.
  • Then the media comes out to cover for Biden by talking about how the campaign is getting nasty on both sides. They had to acknowledge the Biden remark then for Romney’s side they show a commercial… where a FACT is shown. No smear, no ‘cancer’ comment… a simple fact with the reference to prove it. Sheeesh.
  • When you see those bumper stickers that say ‘I don’t trust the Liberal media’. This is what they mean
  • I’m sorry to tell you this but it’s election year and you will be hearing a lot of griping from me on this blog… just get ready.
  • Here is yet another example of the kind of people apart of the ‘Democrat’ movement.. a Black Panther that says so many things that would get ANY white person in jail in 5 seconds, but it’s ok for them to say it… ‘skinning white people’ and ‘our ‘feet will be on your motherf***ing necks’. No, that’s not hate speech…
  • This blog just goes to show you how low Democrats will go. All they do is spread hate and fear to stay in office. Show me 1 example of a respected person (not some right wing kook you found on some obscure website) of a Republican spouting anything REMOTELY close to this kind of thing. Democrats truly want blood in the streets.
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