Monday Thoughts

  • Fuzzy’s Tacos is finally open on the square in Decatur. It took forever to open.
  • The old Huddle House/Fried Pie Shop now has a ‘coming soon’ for Subway. I guess they want to put one closer to the High School.
  • The old Comedy Clips place has a sign out there saying that a Sweet Frog frozen yogurt is coming soon.
  • Democrat Media try to A: make Hurricane Katrina a ‘republican problem’ and B: tie Bush to it (as if he made it happen and it somehow ties the natural disaster to the GOP convention).
  • Democrat Media says Republicans are playing the race card. Any proof? Sheesh.
  • I’ll keep putting these little stories of Democrat evil out there. I am not seeing this kind of real rhetoric coming out of the Right.
  • Real Democrats need to boot these guys out and find those who would be honest and upright in their dealings with the public and persuade through fact and passion as opposed to scare tactics.
Author: nate555

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