Transformers 2 Movie Review

Have you ever been itchy for a movie to be over?
I have.
Godzilla (the U.S. one) and this robotic turd in the water pipe.

What I didn’t like about this movie:

1.) Language. This movie was crude. Robots don’t talk like that.
2.) Robots that look like humans. I don’t even want to begin the hour long bitchfest about how a human-like robot does not even make sense in a Transformers movie. If she could do it why in hell wouldn’t all the other transformers do the same???
3.) Humping dogs and robots.
4.) Plot lines so blatant I expected to see Michael Bay staning with a sign that said: ‘here comes a plot line’.
5.) Did I mention the language?
6.) Robot testicles.
7.) The Matrix of Leadership was a kick ass device, not a wicker-work coffee table sculpture.
8.) Who the hell was the Fallen? What a waste. Now if you want an ultimate villan bring on UNICRON (just wait until the 3rd movie for that one).
9.) Parachutes with the autobot symbol painted on it? Sheesh!
10.) Michael Bay = Camera moving so much you get motion sickness.
11.) Urban thug autobots with gold teeth.

12.) Robots so generic looking you often forget who you are looking at (the franchise’s biggest fault).
13.) Bizzare ending. Michael looked at the clock and said: ‘Oops, movie is out of time. End it here.’

Ok, enough already. If you are remotely interested I’m sure it’s ok to watch Trasformers 2: Revenge of the BoxOffice.

This is what the Matrix of Leadership should be like…
and yes, along with that radical music too!

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