Monday Thoughts

  • The level of driving douchebaggery in the month of December continues.
  • Went to Sushi Axiom yesterday. I still like O I Shii Sushi better. I don’t like traditional sushi (I can’t claim to be a poser). I like mine cooked. Raw is too mushy.
  • Bowled at Main Event yesterday too. Nice enough place. Very expensive to bowl.
  • Remember the old days when you had to figure up your own bowling score and you wrote it with the wax pencil on that overhead projector? Awesome!
  • I want to visit the newly renovated Museum of Science and History in FW but I am kind of afraid I will be disappointed. So many good memories there.
  • Saved a cat TWICE from under the house this weekend. It kept getting lost in the insulation. That makes 3 times I have saved cats over the years. I should be a cat god by now.
  • I am working on a ‘french drain’ to keep water from under the house. It requires a lot of digging.
  • We FINALLY set up the Christmas tree and lights on the house. I don’t like doing it any early than this though.
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