Wednesday Thoughts

  • Obtaining an Evil Dead and Army of Darkness autographed movie poster today!
  • Fox News is really critical towards the current White House Administration. Now everyone might say they shouldn’t be but if they weren’t, who would be? Someone needs to be.
  • BTW in Obama’s Oprah show the other night he blamed Bush again.
  • Just wait until things start turning around, I wonder if he will say it was Bush’s doing?
  • House Democrats have dropped almost EVERYTHING they originally wanted with the health care bill. It’s almost pointless now. But, Rahm Emanuel told them that job #1 was to pass SOMETHING.
  • It’s all about what they can claim during election time, not what good they actually accomplish.
  • I forsee a change in power in the not too distant future.
  • Then the republicans can have their chance to screw it up.
  • Didn’t see that comment coming, did you?!
  • The (somewhat feral) cat I keep saving from under the house has a ‘Hitler-like’ mark under it’s nose. We call it Hitler House Cat. The pic in this post IS NOT that cat.
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