Thursday Thoughts

  • Want to know what Glee is about? Here it is in easy to comprehend format: Glee club encounters strife from without, from within, and from unfriendly staff. They overcome by the end of the episode and they sing a lot. I’d rather visit the dentist than watch.
  • There are EVEN MORE commercial breaks in shows online than on TV, sheesh!
  • Fox ran a story about Dallas Water employees suing because of racial abuse. Apparently it happened years ago and was delt with by the city… uh someone wanted some cash in hard economic times so they decided to use the only thing they could.
  • Chris came over and we filmed 2 more short scenes for Season 2 of my show. Getting there… slowly.
  • Do you know how many calories are in a chocolate shake? OMG
  • A lot of ‘long tongued‘ girls showing up on the inter-webs lately. I see a new fetish forming and a whole new sub-genre of porn being created.
  • I honestly believe that Apple’s goal is to control your ENTIRE LIFE through I-Tunes. I swear it.
  • Scratching your ass?… There’s an app for it. LOL
  • You know LaChoy Chinese food in a can? That stuff should be outlawed. I’ll pass.
  • Lost the 2009 NetRunner CCG Tourney last night. We only got to play 5 times over the year but at least we played.
  • Can’t wait until May.
  • Will my ship ever come in? Nope I think not. I will just have to build a damn raft of my own.
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