Monday Thoughts

  • Long ago I switched from being excited about getting at Christmas to being excited about giving.
  • Can you believe this health care bill? They are simply passing junk so they can get a foothold so they can morph it to a nightmare later. It looks nothing like it was supposed to be originally.
  • I can’t wait for it’s outcome (the new taxes, etc). Then I can’t wait for the elections!
  • Payback is a BITCH.
  • All this irritates me so much.
  • Also I was listening to NPR prattle on about their favorite subject Copenhagen this weekend. Man some ‘international important people’ are really pissed they aren’t getting a ton of free money and fast. It all sounds like a load of crap to me.
  • No mention from the BBC during all this about the phony ‘research’ and how it has skewed all data it was used in… hum… My theory is is that it’s a big money making scam.
  • What I don’t understand is how the president can make any binding contracts without the consent of the American People. That sounds a little illegal to me.
  • I think a lot of our problems in this nation would be solved if you removed all everyone in congress and replaced them with randomly chosen college graduates (40+ years old) every other year. Once chosen and once you did your duty, you could never run for any other office ever.
  • THINK about that last point. Pretty smart.
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