Tuesday Thoughts

  • How can it be legal to ‘pay off’ members of congress with perks in bills? This whole Nebraska thing… it seems criminal to give perks to one state and shirk the rest. Now the rest of us will be fitting the bill for their payoff. That can’t be legal.
  • Enough enough political talk! Sorry.
  • Do you remember when BBS (bulletin board systems) were the only ways to communicate electronically?
  • Do you remember when movie only had optical effects (no digital ones)?
  • Do you remember when you didn’t worry that your fart was destroying the earth?
  • Ah, the good old days.
  • Going to try and clean up files and emails on this slow day.
  • Got an echo-cardiogram this morning, for what reason you ask… no reason, just know some people.
  • Got interviewed by local newspaper yesterday for the public access show. We will see if it goes anywhere.
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