Wednesday Thoughts

  • When did a STOP sign turn into: ‘slow a little bit’.
  • I stop extra long when someone is behind me because I just know they won’t stop, so I am making up for them.
  • On the news it’s funny to hear people say “we need to have this race discussion”. What exactly is that??? What can you accomplish with a discussion and the deep-seeded nature of some people?
  • I find it funny how it’s always a big deal when a white person says something off color, but black people can say what ever and no one batts an eyelash.
  • It’s double funny how Harry Reid said something and it was quickly swept aside SIMPLY for the sake of holding the heath bill on life support. Any other time and he would have been immolated.
  • Caught another (different) possum last night. I hope that’s all of them.
  • I like Sarah Brightman, but man she seems vapid (check out Phantom of the Opera videos on Youtube). I have seen her in interviews and the vapidness is real.
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