Monday Thoughts

  • Who needs to keep track of what his supporters say, the president himself blamed Bush for everything the other day in a speech.
  • At some point you have to take credit for your lack or results.
  • I wonder how a public would treat a president who just fessed up EVERY time things didn’t work out perfectly.
  • I think humility would get you MUCH farther than the blame-game.
  • I don’t think ANY president would be that open and honest.
  • If a Republican used the work negro, THE WORLD WOULD COME TO A STOP.
  • Double standard.
  • Oh well, Nevada is listening.
  • This will be an interesting election cycle.
  • On to other news…
  • 2 (count them!) 2 of my pipes burst this weekend. Time to get under the house AGAIN.
  • Ni America (the EVIL EMPIRE) did it again. They ‘failed’ to send me December’s bill. Luckily I had overpaid in November (remember all that mess).
  • I sent a complaint in to the Better Business Bureau about them.
  • I also sent an email complaint to them.
  • I got a phone call back today, they want to talk to me.
  • I don’t want to talk to them.
  • We took the cat that was living under the house (‘hitler house cat’ if you remember from previous posts) and we put her inside. She is very sweet and we are trying to find a home for her.
  • Then I closed up the holes in the skirting and put the trap under than and promptly caught a possum. They are everywhere out here.
  • I am going to put the trap under there again tonight.

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