Thursday Thoughts

  • If you own a truck = you will be forever bugged to help people move stuff.
  • Bought my wife tickets to see Phantom of the Opera in March at the Music Hall in Dallas. That drive is always such a crapper.
  • The seats are tiny at the Music Hall in Fair Park.

  • Have seen Phantom and Wicked there.
  • Not totally sure what the big deal about musicals is. I am trying however.
  • Got lost on the PC last night playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Yeah, it’s old but it still rocks.
  • Looked up and it was almost midnight.
  • I’m really tired this morning.
  • State of the Union = not interested… have never been interested. We rarely have a president that is fantastic enough to pay attention to.
  • Walked out of training at work the other day. The trainer was not very good at all.
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