Tuesday Thoughts

  • Watched the Matrix on Blu-ray last night. Man that’s an enjoyable movie. Why o why didn’t just stop there!?
  • Had to reload my home PC because it was full of the ‘virusus‘.
  • I have gotten really good at doing that and I can have one reloaded in no time flat.
  • Some one in the office said we should get rid of ancillary systems and another person didn’t quite hear them and asked what they said and I said: ‘they said they wanted to get rid of Fancy Larry.’ Everyone cracked up… including myself.
  • I popped in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 the other day (see previous post) and I am still playing it.
  • My wife says it looks so primitive.
  • I LOVE games that are 2-D.
  • I updated my website and added new video. Why don’t you check it out?
  • Filed our taxes and we are getting a huge refund this year. We REALLY needed it!
  • I used to pay 200.00 to an accountant. I now pay H&R block online 50.00. No brainer.
  • I am selling my MASH series (now that I done watching it again) on Ebay and my psyche is punishing me by giving me MASH dreams every night.
  • There was no MASH episode with midgets, right? Or how about full frontal nudity? Man I have issues!
  • I can’t wait until we have the ability to record dreams.
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