Wednesday Thoughts

  • I think the reason I am more conservative and want less government is because of this: What would happen if the government had some sort of collapse (budgetary, or whatever)? Well the more we depend on federal government the worse the impact on the public if it failed. Is my logic flawed there? Isn’t the same view about not buying too many of one particular stock the same… don’t keep all your eggs in one basket???
  • Here is a story about a town that began to print it’s own money. Is this a trend towards a more local economy? Huuuurrrrmmm.
  • New Fairview needs to do this and call them Redneck Greenbacks.
  • I kid! I kid!
  • I have been butting heads with everyone at work latley. Penny pinching can cause real tension. Just buy it! I say. You got to spend money to make it.
  • There was a new image released from Tron 2 today. I nearly wet myself.
  • I am having trouble finding a local auto mechanic that works on Super Beetles. I need to get mine fixed up but I don’t want to drive it half way across the Metroplex.
  • On the radio they call it the ‘Metro Area’ now, not the Metroplex. That’s so trendy.
  • Makes me think of slums.
  • My wife swears that the Decatur Jack in the Box switched to smaller tacos.
  • I went this week and didn’t notice it. I think they might have ‘tried’ a smaller one.
  • I think they tried scrambled eggs on their supreme croissant to (for a while).
  • I am thinking they keep trying new stuff to save money but it fails so they go back.
  • I was all ready to write a complaint letter too…
  • I call their tacos ‘gut rot tacos’. Man those things give you heartburn. They are made with some sort of ‘meat paste’. Nothing at all like a real taco, but I can’t help myself!

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