Wednesday Thoughts

  • There is still snow is spots here and there. A reminder of the madness.
  • I figured out that I like winter weather ONLY if it a.) doesn’t inconvenience me and b.) isn’t windy.
  • I have been dissed by the ‘big time’ blogger in Decatur. I think I shall remove him from my blog list.
  • I have been asking for permission to film somewhere in Decatur in front of a business…
  • This town has been freaking silent. It hates me.
  • I hope we can sell our house in April and move back into Fort Worth.
  • I love West Fort Worth.
  • I am proof reading Chris‘ book. Oh man… I think one person will like it… Chris.
  • That picture is Chris hanging out at Trinity Park with the Mark Twain sculpture.
  • Some sites utilize way to many exclimation marks. Like this one.!!!
  • I watched Galaxy Quest on Bluray last night. That’s a fun movie.
  • I found a website that lets you stream your webcam (or whatever). I am thinking Chris and I will try this out as a weekly meeting. Yeah, it’s free.
  • I missed the Westminster Dog Show this year. I try to watch a little of it but we got rid of our Dish Network. Oh well.
  • Maybe others don’t care for the Westminster like I don’t care for the Olympics. They think it’s pointless (like I think the Olympics are). See, I can consider everyone’s opinions.
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