Monday Thoughts

  • I don’t ever remember snow this deep.
  • Apparently it has never been this deep.
  • The Global Warming nuts say the blizzards are because of global warming.
  • They will change their facts no matter what the situation to keep ‘global warming’ alive.
  • Such a crock.
  • I have the opinion that if you don’t have something crowding your schedule you waste your free time.
  • If you are busy all the time, you get extra stuff done because your free time is precious.
  • I have been doing a lot of writing lately but it seems harder and harder to come up with new ideas.
  • Saw the Olympics on the TV… don’t care.
  • Who actually does care, IMO only those involved with them.
  • Blew 130 bucks on dinner last night… oh the things we do for Valentines…
  • Out on Thursday and Friday from work, my truck got stuck in the mud at the house.
  • Had to have my boss come over and help me get it out.
  • My bumper is slightly skew-wiff now.
  • I did get a LOT of editing done on my show this weekend. I can thank the snow for something!
  • Did you know I had a TV show (as if I haven’t gone on and on about it). Click here.
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