Wednesday Thoughts

  • Why are there always lines at the WalMart gas pumps? It’s like a 4 star restaurant… I know it ain’t that good.
  • Finally picked up a Transformers mega-scale Skywarp from WalMart (to adorn my desk). It was 60 bucks! I was just waiting until it went on clearance. It was half price!
  • The weather has been soooo miserable lately. The yard is just mush when you walk on it.
  • I actually got my Ni America water bill this month! Miracles do happen.
  • I transferred my fish back into the big tank after a rigorous cleaning. I think they are happier. They are at least less stressed since their temp tank was in the cat room.
  • I want to sell my house. Please refer people to it! If you have them tell the realtor you referred them I will give you 3 thousand bucks. I mean it! Here’s the link.
  • I started watching my Watchmen Motion Comic on BluRay last night. Many I love that!
  • I am going to write a review about it soon.
  • On my other blog I am supposed to be having help from my cohort in crime…
  • He has not been helping.
  • This is disappointing.

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